Have you ever experienced the Fear Of Missing Out ?

The ultimate social recommendation App for discovering, saving and sharing places & experiences any time, anywhere, so you never miss out again !

Discovering new places and experiences should be a pleasure …

And yet let’s be honest between asking friends, scrolling multiple platforms, lists, notes, screenshots… it’s an exhausting chore.

Well, forget all that chaos !


At FOMO our goal is to match you to new discoveries in a fun and easy way

Simply shuffle your friends recommendations and hit bookmark to save for later, or, heart to recommend to your community

And, our unique FOMO AI concierge provides you with instant inspiration, creating a whole itinerary for you in seconds !


At FOMO, we’re not one of the USUAL SUSPECTS – pushing unreliable reviews from God knows who or what 

Say au revoir to all that!

In the world right now we have: people searching for new places and experiences;  businesses eager to connect with their audience, and content creators who are super keen to engage and monetize their audience. And, FOMO is the place to match them !

And, FOMO is FREE !


FREE from third party ads

So, how does FOMO work for businesses?  

Well, good news! All businesses around the world are automatically featured for free

BUT, to verify and unlock premium features such as photo management, booking & menu links… PLUS detailed analytics, like which users bookmarked and recommended you…subscriptions are only 9.99 with no booking commission!

And how can FOMO help content creators ?

Well, content creators will be able to boost engagement and monetise from their audience by offering subscriptions for their favorite places around the world !

Just had the FOMO link to your social media bio, et voila !

So, your mission, should you choose to accept it

Is to join FOMO to be part of the social recommendation revolution !

AND, if you have ever dreamed of being a part of a start-up at the very beginning – where the magic happens – this is your opportunity to join the ride, not only as a user, but also an investor !

So, don’t miss out on this unique adventure !

FOMO Places & Experiences, genuine friends & socials recommendations, so you never miss out again !

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