We’re on a mission…to shuffle the world in a different way !

We believe Love is in the “share”, which is why we dreamed up a purposeful social interaction platform to share experiences that adds value to our daily lives, and, most importantly, help to create treasured memories !
(Just that ;))

Introducing FOMO app, designed for you to save & share your favorite “go-to’s” and be inspired by genuine friend recommendations all over the world
(not some robot’s 😉 )

No more hassle waiting on your friends’ replies, reading endless “reviews” (not to mention the fake ones), scrolling on multiple platforms, compiling links – lists – screenshots – and so on.
(Sorry old habbits 😉 )

Just hit FOMO ! Anytime, anywhere !
(et voilà! Never miss out again 😉 )

FOMO Places & Experiences, Shared go-to’s between friends, so you never miss out again !